What to bring


For a week of salmon fishing in paradise you will need: a pair of wings, a good connection with the One above, and a recommendation from Saint Peter….

No, you’ll have to bring more earthly equipment, such as:

  • Light two-handed rod size 11-13 feet rec.wt 18 – 24 grams.

  • Single-hand rod for wet and dry fly fishing size 9-11 feet rec.wt 18 grams.

  • Lines: you will need floating lines for both sizes of rods and it is always a good idea to bring a sink-tip line if you are fishing in very early June or very late September. The water can be higher in the spring and colder in the fall. For the dry fly fishing, a WF floating line is strongly recommended.

After many years of fishing in Gaspe, my personal equipment for the rivers are the following rods and line sizes: Two-handed rod - salmologic Skyborn 12’1 feet (rec.wt 22 grams/340 grains). And a salmologic Skyborn 11’ (rec.wt 20 grams/308 grains) or 11’ (rec.wt 18 grams/278grains) switch rod. This size covers all my fishing with swinging wet flies in the Gaspé rivers.

For dry fly fishing there is only one perfect option! – salmologic Skyborn 10’ 18 grams/278 grains, which was actually designed and created for this specific purpose!

Over the last few years, many clients and friends have asked me to put together hosted trips to places I’d recommend, having been fortunate enough to have fished extensively in many of the world’s greatest locations. I’ve finally decided to work those into my schedule, yet only those places that I have personally found immense pleasure in fishing and experiencing on multiple occasions. 
Henrik Mortensen: Professional Fly Angler, Fly Caster, Designer, Instructor & Author