Vol. 1: The Perfect Cast

Casting on Iceland

The Perfect CastAll fly fishers dream about the perfect catch. This only happens through a combination between a top-notch cast and the the unique ability to fish the fly with ultimate deception, regardless of the conditions. The first step, the art of casting the fly, is the most fundamental building block of a good fly fisher. In this video, you will be exposed to the basics in fly casting and the fundamentals of the underhand casting technique in various situations, while taken on a journey through Iceland at some of the world's finest and most exclusive salmon rivers in the world.

A native Dane, Henrik Mortensen is recognized as one of the world's finest casting and strategy instructors, having educated thousands of fly fishers throughout the world over the last seventeen years. Add a record of more than 2300 Atlantic salmon caught on fly throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland and North America, and it is obvious that he speaks from experience. In addition to teaching the art of fly fishing, Henrik has worked professionally in fly tackle design and development for more than eleven years, currently as the Head of Design and Development for Scierra.

Tight lines!


Over the last few years, many clients and friends have asked me to put together hosted trips to places I’d recommend, having been fortunate enough to have fished extensively in many of the world’s greatest locations. I’ve finally decided to work those into my schedule, yet only those places that I have personally found immense pleasure in fishing and experiencing on multiple occasions. 
Henrik Mortensen: Professional Fly Angler, Fly Caster, Designer, Instructor & Author