The Bonaventure, Grand and Petite Cascapedia Rivers in Gaspé, Canada


The rivers themselves are stunning beyond description. They are very different from each other, yet very much linked by one thing: the most beautiful and healthy looking wild salmon you’ll see anywhere in the world.

Hands down, the Bonaventure and Grand and Petite Cascapedia rivers offer some of the very best salmon fishing in the world. Furthermore, the surroundings are absolutely stunning. I have been fortunate enough to have fished for salmon in many of the best places in the world, but have not found anything to match the ultimate combination of spectacular fishing in a breathtaking environment. The Gaspé salmon is unrivaled.

Fishing from a canoe is a possibility in all three rivers, not just on the branches of the Grand. The guides are experienced boatmen and a float trip down the river is a unique and rewarding experience. The subtle sounds of the water will mesmerize you, as will the Canadian wilderness along the banks. It is always exciting to see what’s behind the next bend. A good guess is that you’ll see and fish the salmon pool of your dreams…

The Bonaventure
The Bonaventure is the pearl of rivers. I count myself among those who claim that this is the clearest salmon river in the world. In this river, you can have the most varied fishing imaginable. Anything from a nymph, wet fly to a hitch or a dry fly can catch salmon on the right day. But the sight fishing with dries is the reason why this river is so famous. Fishing on the Bonaventure is very special and exciting. The water is so clear that all the fishing is pretty much sight casting, with underwater visibility exceeding 100 hundred feet! Each of the many, many pools has a character of its own, and there is more than enough room for everybody. You will get the feeling that you are alone in the world – just you and the fish. Please note that sometimes the lodges use “public” water on the Bonaventure, but it can be hard to reach the best places wading so the lodge provides canoes to take you to the “untouched” places and, having a top-notch guide at your side, you will always be at the best spot. Therefore, the fact that there is some public water is inconsequential.

The Petite Cascapedia
The Petite Cascapedia is, as the name implies, smaller than the Grand, but the salmon are just as grand! This is a big salmon river. The subtle charms of this river will enchant you, not least because the fish respond very well to a dry fly. Imagine a clear pool with a few huge salmon, throw in breathtaking scenery and imagine an epic battle with a happy landing. This very real experience is exactly why anglers will do anything to come back to this river. This river is unique and is only fished by 8 rods per day.

The Grand Cascapedia
The Grand Cascapedia is the queen of rivers. This river is steeped in historic splendor. The Viceroy and Queen Victoria used to fish here. That’s how good it was, and it still is one of the best in the world. It is the river of monster salmon, and a hugely productive one for slightly smaller ones as well. A wet fly, a hitch or a dry fly all have their day on this river. The further up the river you go, the more visual appealing the experience. Fishing as far up as the two major branches – the Salmon branch and the Lake Branch – is a chapter of its own. As you troll down one of those two branches with massive salmon in the runs and pools, you are in for a real treat, I can assure you.

Over the last few years, many clients and friends have asked me to put together hosted trips to places I’d recommend, having been fortunate enough to have fished extensively in many of the world’s greatest locations. I’ve finally decided to work those into my schedule, yet only those places that I have personally found immense pleasure in fishing and experiencing on multiple occasions. 
Henrik Mortensen: Professional Fly Angler, Fly Caster, Designer, Instructor & Author