One-on-one Instruction


For many years I have done one-on-one instruction with great success. It is very beneficial for the student because I can focus fully on his/her specific needs and the level where he/she is at.  Most of the one-on-one classes I have taught in recent years have been held at my own facility, which has good salmon and sea trout fishing nearby.

This also gives you the opportunity to fish with me in order to experience the techniques and strategy first hand. This gives you a chance to learn about fishing for salmon or sea trout and proper casting techniques under practical circumstances. If given sufficient notice, I can also be available to teach you at your favorite water or at a location convenient to you.

Over the last few years, many clients and friends have asked me to put together hosted trips to places I’d recommend, having been fortunate enough to have fished extensively in many of the world’s greatest locations. I’ve finally decided to work those into my schedule, yet only those places that I have personally found immense pleasure in fishing and experiencing on multiple occasions. 
Henrik Mortensen: Professional Fly Angler, Fly Caster, Designer, Instructor & Author