Modern Scandinavian Casting I - double hand


The theme of the course:
Understanding fly tackle composition
•Positions and movements in an efficient fly cast
•Short overhand casting
  • Understanding fly tackle composition
  • Positions and movements in an efficient fly cast
  • Short overhand casting
The theoretical part includes:
  • Basic principles of modern casting technique
  • The physics of fly casting
  • Different rod positions and their importance for loop control
  • The importance of hand grips and rod actions
  • Line and leader designs
  • Line and leader design
  • Fly tackle composition for different forms of fishing

The practical part includes:

  • Learning the right hand grip and hand position
  • Learning the right positions and movements
  • Learning the right casting rhythm
  • Exercises to improve your loop control

The overall aim of the course is:

  • Understanding your fly tackle completely
  • A short, but perfect overhand cast following the principles of modern Scandinavian fly casting

Over the last few years, many clients and friends have asked me to put together hosted trips to places I’d recommend, having been fortunate enough to have fished extensively in many of the world’s greatest locations. I’ve finally decided to work those into my schedule, yet only those places that I have personally found immense pleasure in fishing and experiencing on multiple occasions. 
Henrik Mortensen: Professional Fly Angler, Fly Caster, Designer, Instructor & Author